Input switches

Switch Paramter Default Description Required1 Priority2
-h, --help N/A - Displays a list of switches and example usage
-i, --input (string) [relative/path/to/file.dat] - This is your input (save) file
-m, --mode (string) <GET|SET> GET Defines whether to read or write to the file
-o, --output (string) [relative/path/to/file.dat] [input] This is where you want the resulting file to be stored
-q, --questlog (int) [index] 0 0 based QuestLog index (0-2 for GCI, 0 for TPHD)
--hex N/A - Output as Hex for --mode GET
Offset specification
--offset (int) [offset] - 0 based read/write location (QuestLog offset) (hex supported with 0x prefix)
--length (int) [length] - The length of the value you want to read/write (used for type identification aswell)
--type (string) [uint|sint|flg|uflg|str] - Value type, (s/u) integer, flag, uflag or string
--value (string) [value] 0 The value you want to operate with (hex support with 0x prefix)
Additional options
-v,--version N/A - Print version information
--verbose N/A - Print more (debug) information
-f, --force N/A - Interprets file as questlog (like TPHD files)
1 Twilight Editor won't run if these switches are not provided
2 These switches override the requirements and thus can be provided without other switches